A smiling woman in a white shirt.

Ciera Neufeld, MA, Mental Health Practitioner (she/her)

As an individual and couples therapist, Ciera’s goal is to help clients improve relationships and connection with others, increase their understanding of who they are, and live in alignment with their values. Through assessing the unmet needs within thoughts and behaviors, Ciera guides clients in gaining emotional insight and behavior change that improves their connection with themselves and the people in their life.


Ciera is trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches and is skilled at tailoring her techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual and couple. She believes that the key to successful therapy is creating a strong, collaborative relationship with her clients where she offers a direct and warm style. Ciera is known for her compassionate approach, sense of humor, and her deep commitment to helping clients reach their goals. Whether you are struggling with communication in your relationship, want to increase your emotional insight and sense of who you are in the world, or want support in exploring what boundaries help you live the life you want, Ciera can help. Her warm, non-judgmental approach, systems perspectives, and training in communication theory make her an excellent choice for individuals and couples seeking compassionate, effective therapy.


Ciera’s clinical interests include communication and conflict patterns, intimacy concerns, religious exploration, family of origin differences, and identity development.


Ciera has various trainings and certifications that she utilizes in her work with individuals and couples such as the Gottman Method, Couples Sensitive Individual Therapy (Bill Doherty, Ph.D.), Gottman Treating Affairs and Trauma, and Prepare/Enrich. Prior to Ciera’s schooling in Marriage and Family Therapy, Ciera was a Behavior Therapist, providing therapy using Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ciera has her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is completing her hours for licensure. She provides therapy under the supervision of Jari Welle, LMFT.


In Ciera’s free time, she loves walking her golden retriever, being in nature, and spending time with friends and family.
  • Relational Concerns
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Religious Exploration
  • Family of Origin Differences
  • In-person
  • Virtually