About Us

We are a small, family-owned clinic formerly known as Medical Care Services, P.A. Through truly integrated resources all under one roof, we strive to offer seamless care to collaborate with you and with each other to promote healing and well-being. We take time to understand your health concerns, and value collaborating to create thorough and individualized treatment plans. We think the relationship with your care provider or therapist is a central part of your care, as is the overall atmosphere and attentive support staff.


Our model of care is based on the simple idea that the whole person needs to be nurtured in order to foster healing.
We believe that the traditional system often lacks true integration between physical, mental, and spiritual health — and does not take into account the importance of how we care for ourselves and our relationships. This disconnect can make it harder to move toward wellness in mind and body since traditional approaches may come at the “problem” from a narrow perspective. This can lead to missing many other powerful and relevant factors that could be contributing to suffering with illness — whether in body or mind. We believe that when you have a care team of dedicated professionals working with you and each other, this creates a true partnership to guide you toward greater health and well-being.


Radical Inclusivity

We respect the dignity inherent in each human being, including those we may disagree with. We uplift and honor the experiences of those who have been historically and presently devalued – including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups. We believe that all genders are created equal and we resist the human tendency toward lording “power over.” We believe that wisdom comes from many sources including science (yay, science!), history, experience, faith, and intuition. We treasure this earth we all call home, and strive to be good stewards of our natural resources so future generations will have clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. We allow space for diversity of thought, freedom of expression, and refuse the impulse to dehumanize or stereotype those who are different than us. We allow grace and space for perspectives and behaviors to evolve, and believe that when we know better we do better.

And if you disagree with some of the above because you believe it goes too far or not far enough, you are welcome too. Because every human deserves healing. And the healing of each human heart contributes to the healing of our world. And with healing comes less violence, less hate, less division, more justice, more equity, more unity, and more love. All are welcome here. It is an honor to walk alongside you on your journey.

World citizen peace logo.
International Peace Site
MN Clinic for Health & Wellness is proud to be recognized as an "International Peace Site" by the World Citizen Peace organization. What this means is that our leadership has committed to living into the "Five Peace Actions" within our clinic community and in our wider world. These Peace Actions include:
  1. Seeking peace within yourself and with others
  2. Reaching out in service
  3. Protecting the environment
  4. Respecting diversity
  5. Being a responsible citizen of the world.
Our clinic is a place where we orient toward practicing these values, and hope to inspire others to join us too!